Monday, February 16, 2015


All this time I thought that by hiding my identity, it would give me more freedom to write. Although I am already hiding on this pen name, I am still hesitant to loose my reign and just type away whatever is on my mind. Still paranoid that someday somebody I know might stumble on this this crap.

Which got me to thinking to have another blog you know. One that has my real identity stamped on it. I suppose I can bear them people I know judge my writing. What the hell. I suppose I just have to bear with it.

There's this cousin of my bhe who's back into blogging. I added him on Facebook that's why I know. Got me inspired I suppose. And on his entry today I discovered his brother is into blogging too.

So there. Maybe with my real name affixed on it I would write more, no? I don't have to announce yet to the peeps I know that I am maintaining a blog. Let them stumble on it.

Yeah I suppose that is what I would do. Create a new one but of course keep this one. This is for certain things that them friends of mine don't necessarily have to know.