Monday, October 01, 2012


So here I am bored. It is raining outside with some thunder going on, you know- the works. I like it.

My partner arrived at their office a few hours back. Their flight would be later at around five a.m. I hope they have a safe flight. I hope their event there in Bohol would be a success too.

So he had been out of town for several times already this year. He had been to Marinduque, Batanes and now Bohol. As for me, I had never left Metro Manila yet this year. Pathetic isn't it?

Oh yeah I don't have to dwell again on my mundane existence.

Anyways I told my partner that I would be on hiatus from internet. I was about to add a comment about that saying “ignorance being bliss” but knowing how our communication works, I didn't blurt it out. What I just told him was that I was so bored that I would start using Swype again on my Galaxy Y so he'd better pardon my English language.

Anyways because I still went online I learned via Facebook that he managed to meet again his friends and they hang out in SM. What does it have to do with me?

Well that was he have been doing for years. It just of late that he started with this new routine: playing badminton then drinking after wards. I understand and respect that he had a need a time of his own. I guess I just feel bad because one, I don't have other people to hang out with and second, it appears like our relationship would be just like that, another routine of his. I am just a weekend lover. And not the complete weekend mind you. Just Saturdays.

It would be a relief actually that we would not meet by next weekend. He would still be in Bohol. I am not sure yet if I would tag along with Ate J__ who frequent this gay bar. As much as I would like to- because I haven't been in one yet, I don't think I can afford it. That and the consequences that would follow.

Tomorrow I would write more coherently. Promise.