Thursday, January 03, 2013

new year, new perspective

Sometimes all that we need is a friend who is just simply there to listen to you; one who wouldn't try to match your rants with her own set of frustrations in life. Only then one would get a fresh perspective in life- a different point of view.

I finally found time to catch up with Friendship. T__ and I had chatted the hours away in Starbucks. We had lunch at Bon Chon after.

It is indeed refreshing that I was able to talk with somebody else about my hang ups in life. One who is actually there to listen and seemed genuinely interested. And as expected all those things that worries me appear trivial now.

She suggested that I should be getting a life of my own. That I should do something else for myself so I wouldn't end up with this feeling of not being prioritized. I agreed with her that maybe I can try with that study program she was telling me so I can finish my degree. Hopefully she would really ask those people she knew about that process. It is definitely worth considering.

We talked about our classmates of course, swapping little facts that we knew of. Then I suddenly miss those other guys that I was really close to. Perhaps one of these days I would also find time to meet them all up.

She also suggested for me to keep a blog (I didn't confess to her that I already have one). That I should keep on writing because I am good at it. Well you know that I am not really good at anything. Perhaps it is high time now for me to devote my energy and existence in the written words.

Which is why I am still here typing my thoughts away when I should be sleeping instead. I hear mum constantly in the background nagging me that I should be in bed because it would be difficult for me later to get out of it.

But I am still trying to fill this page with my thoughts.

Here's what I am planning to do everyday: I must write an entry daily on my Starbucks planner then expound it here. I would try write at least a page and that should take about two hours of my time. Then I should devote a minimum of one hour for reading. I have that Cloud Atlas novel from B__ that I should finish within this month because I intend to read a book once a month.

Sounds familiar? I know. I have already promised you that. Well what are new year's for but to start anew?

---from  my journal